Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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Why Intellectual Property (IP) Law?

Intellectual property strategy (due diligence, opinions and counseling) ; patents, (inter partes patent proceedings, new patent post-grant proceedings, patent prosecution,patent reexamination and reissues); trademarks (domain name disputs, international trademark, trademark application proseution, TTAB proceedings); copyrights; unfair competition; litigation (arbitration and other ADR, CA litigation, complex/joint defense litigation, copyright litigation, consumer electronics litigation, fedral circuit appeals,  ITC litigation medical device litigation, trade secret litiation. trademar; trade secrets ; rights of publicity; licensing 

San Diego Intellectual Property Law Association

Become educated on IP law, Patent, Copyright, and Trademark law!
We are an intellectual property law firm that believes that the quality of our people and the results we obtain speak for themselves. We value experience and believe communication strengthens our ability to achieve success. We emphasize customer service as a top priority in every task we take on. We have a proven track record of successful work and our attorneys are community conscious people who bring passion and dedication to all they become involved in.


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Friday, June 20, 2014

San Diego Patent Law Firm - San Diego County - Patent Attorney - San Diego Patent Lawyer

We can register your issued copyright with the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP), a bureau of the Department of Homeland Security. The CBP has a copyright database and recording system for all copyrights that have been previously issued as registered copyrights by Library of Congress Copyright Office, which is used to help the U.S. Customs officers in detecting and seizing counterfeit goods that infringe registered copyrights. The copyright database is accessible to U.S. Customs officials at all 317 ports of entry into the U.S. Our fee to file starts at $670 US, including the CBP filing fee.

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So you've got an idea, a really good idea. It may not be as revolutionary as the light bulb, the airplane, or the microchip, but you're sure it could be the next big thing. Maybe it has been percolating in your mind for years, or perhaps it struck in a flash of inspiration just last night. Either way, it's yours, and you're determined to do it justice -- which is why you're planning to get it patented, post-haste.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

San Diego Patent Pending Services!

Protection of Patent and Trademark

Patent and Trademark registration is your best protection from infringement. If you have created a new idea you feel may need a patent, or, you have a unique symbol or trademark which identifies your product and consider it valuable and protect it!



Our Services

http://iciplaw.com/More often than not, a utility patent application will receive at least one office action. An office action is a rejection, at least in part, of your application. An office action response can be used to make amendments to your application, argue the patentability of your application, and to correct procedural issues. Most simple mechanical, substance, or business method office action responses can be handled for a fixed fee. Please contact us for a more specific fixed fee quote for your office action.